Innovation & Brand Strategy

Market Understanding.

Market Understanding represents the foundation of nearly all marketing activities. Prime aims at understanding people, brands and markets to drive business growth.

Client context

How can I accelerate decision-making to keep up with the market?
How can I segment my consumers, shoppers, products or usage occasions?
How can I identify innovation platforms and unmet needs?
How can I better target my consumers?
How can I (re)position by brand?
How can I optimize my brand and product portfolio?
How can  I identify stretching opportunities for my brand?

Our Solutions

Our experts help you to uncover, size and prioritize growth opportunities in the market, and to identify innovation platforms. Our solutions are linked to business outcomes, through advanced analytics and activation workshops.

  • location cleanliness
  • employee professionalism
  • pricing audit
  • safety audit
  • experience consistency
  • marketing and branding
  • competitor analysis
  • inventory audit
  • timeliness
  • friendliness
  • enthusiasm
  • brand awareness
  • information relevance
  • script compliance
  • ease of navigation
  • technical operations
  • purchase process efficiency
  • employee-customer relations

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You can and should, see your business through your customers’ eyes. Prime’s customer experience research can provide you with critical data to make meaningful business decisions.

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Benchmark Study

Health & Fitness

Prime’s Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Study indicates that 48.5% of health and fitness club members are not satisfied with their current club membership.

“Prime’s state-of-the-art technology has assisted management to make effective, informed decisions. Their data is clear and concise. A must have for any manager who wants accurate data at their fingertips.”

Feras Salibi
Corporate Director Of Talent & Culture at Rixos International Hotels – UAE

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