How Prime Works.

If you have customers, Prime can help you.

Whether you call them customers, guests, patients, patrons, riders, fans or clients, Prime can create a program to measure their experience interacting with your brand. Every 2 minutes, a Prime evaluation or audit is completed by our field force of more than 1,600 evaluators. Using calls, clicks or in-person visits, the common thread of our services is always revealing the moment of truth when your customers interact with your brand.

Businesses like yours come to us to find answers, and stay with Prime because we build relationships and custom, long-term solution programs. Our average client relationships last beyond 5 years, compared to an industry average of 2 years. This longevity allows us to really know and understand your business and its particular challenges.

Your challenges are unique, so our services can be customized to create just the right research program to address your needs. While every plan is different, an overall project plan might look something like this:

Your program will be handled by a dedicated senior team to take you through the process and ensure we not only meet your objective and program needs, but we exceed them.

Your results will be verified through PRIME’s multi-tiered data quality assurance to ensure compliance, effectiveness, delivery and quality data analytics.

Your research results are available for immediate access through desktop or mobile using a branded, customized dashboard featuring your choice of deliverables.

How can PRIME Help Your Business?

Explore PRIME’s service offerings to reveal the true nature of your business .



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